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FADES by AshChromics are the world’s best AUTO-DARKENING eyewear.

Using our patented electrochromic technology, You can make sure your eyes are always comfortable and protected. FADES eyewear has the ability to switch between light and dark states within seconds, while also allowing for intermediate states, making sure that your vision is as comfortable and safe as possible at all times.

Perfect for fitness enthusiasts, construction work, or any activity that requires frequent movement between light and dark areas.

(Partially dark state shown)

FADES Eyewear



Coming 2019

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See FADES in action!

FADES Eyewear transitions so seamlessly, it’s something you have to see to believe.

Watch one of our team members take FADES Sunglasses for a spin in this unedited video!

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FADES at CES 2019!

FADES Eyewear had a great debut at CES! Thank you everyone for stopping by our booth! Stay tuned for a recap of our week.


About AshChromics

AshChromics is a new venture created by the research industry veterans at Ashwin-Ushas Corporation. Our aerospace and military development experience ensures our customers that FADES eyewear by AshChromics is a tried and tested product, one meant to withstand anything and everything an active lifestyle can throw at it. And our patented electrochromic technology is the auto-darkening eyewear industry leader, offering contrast levels and switching times unparalleled by the competition. For the active individual, there is no better choice to protect your eyes than FADES by AshChromics.


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If you have any questions regarding AshChromics, FADES eyewear, our booth at CES 2019, or any other concerns, please feel free to contact us. One of our team members will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

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