• Light/Dark Contrast: 0.5% To 68% And All Values In Between (“Dialable”). Haze <1.5% In Dark State, <1% In Light State. (See Graphs Below.)

  • Switching Time: Light To Dark < 3 Seconds. Dark To Light Nearly Instantaneous (< 1 Second).

  • Durability And Cyclability: Over 1 Million Light/Dark Cycles Tested Without Observable Degradation.

  • Recharging: Run Continuously For Approximately 36 Hours Before Needing Recharging (Using A Micro-USB Charger, Built In, Nearly Invisible Charging Port). 30 Minutes Charging Yields Full Charge. Very Low Power Consumption: 15 Microwatts/Cm^2, +/- 3.0 Volts DC.

  • Optical Memory: Excellent Optical Memory: Retain Last Color They Were In When Disconnected.

  • Contrast (integrated across Visible spectrum, 400 nm (violet) to 700 nm (red), using industry-standard algorithm):

    • Typically 70% to 7% Transmission for “light” electrochromic lenses.

    • Typically 50% to 5% Transmission for “dark” electrochromic lenses.

    • These light/dark %Transmission contrast values are the highest reported to date.

    • Note that these %Transmission values are measured against airreference, i.e. they are real-life, unlike many values reported in the literature, which are against substrate reference and thus show light-state %Transmission values of 90% or higher, whereas even clear window glass has a %Transmission of only about 87%.

  • Switching times: Dark to light, < 1 second. Light to dark, < 2 seconds. Fastest switching time of any electrochromic materials to date.

  • Broad-band response, 400 to 700 nm.

  • Very good optical memory (remembering the color they’re in when the power supply is turned off).

  • Naturally UV-blocking.

  • Non-polarized. So you can read your automobile displays without a problem while driving.

  • Cyclability: Tested to 10,000 light/dark switches without observable degradation.

  • Shelf life indefinite. (The lenses are unaffected by ambient oxygen and moisture.)

  • Haze (a parameter showing how clear through-vision is, with a value of <4% usually deemed "excellent"): < 2% in both extreme light and extreme dark states.

  • Demonstrated environmental durability: To extreme temperatures (-30 to +65°C), extreme humidity, salt-spray, etc. Safety versions conform to ANSI Z87.1, US Military GL-PD 10-12.


  • Based on unique, patented dual-polymer (“complimentary-polymer”) Conducting Polymer electrochromic system, with paired anodically- and cathodically-coloring polymers on opposite electrodes in a sandwich configuration. In contrast to other dual-polymer systems, our complimentarily-coloring polymers are nearly perfectly matched electrochemically and electrochromically. The cathodically-coloring polymers used are newly synthesized by us.

  • Also based on a unique, patented applied-voltage algorithm (applied via a sophisticated Microcontroller) that reduces the switching time from 5 to 8 seconds in lab prototypes to < 2 seconds in the sunglasses/goggles.

  • Also employs unique Haze-reduction technology to reduce Haze to < 2%.

Ballistics test on APEL/ANSI Z87 qualified goggles retrofitted with Ashwin electrochromics